Based in Bridgewater Nova Scotia, Canada - BMI Ltd is a diversified business with divisions in Manufacturing, Labour Out-Sourcing and Scrap Metal Recycling. The divisional teams are made of industry trained professionals and are managed with experienced and sound leadership allowing for timely deliveries of goods and services without compromising quality.

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BMI Ltd offers many different services including metals manufacturing, material sales, recycling center, demolition, roll off container services, u-pick sales, wood manufacturing, and many more. BMI Ltd offers a wide range of products and materials. Click here to view an overview of everything that we sell. BMI Ltd is always looking to hire for new positions. This section is updated frequently with the latest career opportunities.
STEEL - TIN$25/tonne
STEEL - #2$25/tonne
STEEL - #1$40/tonne
ALUMINUM - CAST$0.34/lbs
COPPER - #2$1.90/lbs
COPPER - #1 WIRE$2.02/lbs
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